Children with special needs

The Nursery’s Inclusion Policy ensures that we positively promote and support the full inclusion of all staff and children. The nursery has highly qualified and experienced staff to help provide assistance and support. Our Inclusion and  Special Needs (SENCO ) Coordinators  will liaise with Professionals from Outside Agencies, that are either already involved  in your child’s care or will make new partnerships for local support. This will be achieved with the parent’s support and together we will determine the best possible care for your child.

The nursery will take the opportunity to discuss every child’s individual needs during an initial visit to the nursery, please speak to the Nursery Manager or visit our policies on Special Needs and Inclusion.

We have knowledge and experience in working with Physical and Cognitive based  Learning Difficulties as well as difficulties encountered by bilingual children.

Our overall aim is to ensure that your children leave nursery with the confidence, independence and skills that they need to help them in their schooling years.

We will aim to support your child’s learning and development by:

Completing a baseline assessment of your child after which an Individual Care Plan will be made.

Nursery Staff will work in Partnership with parents to develop a CAF (Common Assessment Framework). This will help to find the best solution for a child’s and family’s needs by providing key assistance. 

We will work with families and the community to support every aspect of a families’ needs.

All children’s information will be kept confidential and shared only with the parent’s consent where necessary.