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Nursery Food and Weaning Policy

The Nursery understands and respects that all babies develop differently and at different paces, and it can be a worrying and confusing time for parents/carers during this time. We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible by ensuring our key persons work closely with you to discuss any dietary requirements your child may have and make appropriate provisions to accommodate any additional needs parents may have.

The role of Key persons

Key persons will aim to help your child to progress toward solid food, by creating opportunities for them to taste and feel different textures of food, and keep you regularly informed through daily record keeping in each child’s diary of types of  food and amounts consumed. (Please note: food diaries for babies aged 1-2 years are optional; please make your preference known to your child’s key person in advance).

Children will be encouraged to look at books illustrating different foods and use pictures to communicate preferences. Daily planning and observation will ensure that staff are aware of the pace and textures of food a child is accustomed to, and careful one to one supervision will ensure that children are gradually taught how to chew and begin to eat independently at a calm, steady pace with a supportive person there to help them.

The menu

The nursery operates a Two Weekly menu that offers a variety of morning, lunch and afternoon meals and snacks that are nutritionally balanced, covering a variety of foods ranging from pasta dishes to soups and fruity deserts. Please download one of our menu’s below.

Lateness for meals

Parents should note that breakfast is offered only during the hours of  8:00 am and 9:00 am. Children should be in nursery on time as food will not be served after 9:00 am, or after 12:00 pm when lunch is served for all children. Please see the full policy below for more information and guidance.

For babies weaning from breast milk or formula, our nursery will steam, grill and puree fruit, meats such as chicken and fish, and vegetables at a consistency that is suitable for the baby’s feeding needs. Vegetables, Soya, Quorn and Fish will be offered instead of meat in order to ensure that vegetarians and non-vegetarians will eat the same food.

Any other specific dietary requirements are a matter for agreement between the nursery and the parents/carers. The nursery will  maintain, update and check daily the ‘Special Dietary Needs’ list -displayed in visible places in the kitchen and in the classrooms.

Food safety

In case of an accident to a child with allergies, the parent will be immediately informed and if authorized, an EPI PEN will be given to the child and the record of its administration will be entered in the Medicine Consent Form/ or the  Long Term Health Care Plan  for parents to sign. In emergency cases, the ambulance will be called if necessary. All menus are kept in file for six months and visibly displayed in the building for the parents / visitors’ attention.

Staff involved in the preparation and serving of children’s food have a valid Food Hygiene Certificate and respect strict rules of personal hygiene.

The Nursery also offers at no extra charge, readily available baby meals that range from breakfast cereals to dinners and desserts; parents/carers must advise our staff if they would prefer these to be consumed instead.

Our Nursery may offer baby healthy snacks, with a  parents/carers  consent, in the form of rice cakes, toast and fruit, and plain biscuits. We will not offer however any chocolate, sweets or high sugar juices, and foods will not contain any added condiments such as salt, pepper and chili or  spices and nuts. Drinks other than breast milk, formula or water are discouraged.

Parents/carers are advised to keep our nursery updated if a child suffers an allergy at any time.


 DOWNLOAD full policy here: Food, Milk and Weaning Policy 2016 

DOWNLOAD MENU:                week-one-menu  week-two-menu


Birthdays and Celebrations

Birthday cakes are not allowed into the nursery but party bags for children can be distributed to children, if you wish so.  We do not allow your children to consume sweets, biscuits or any other food brought by you during nursery hours.

DOWNLOAD full policy here:      Celebrations Policy 

DOWNLOAD Introducing Solid Foods: in partnership with Start 4 Life and the NHS:           Introducing-Solid-Foods-Booklet