Parents watching a performance

Parents watching a performance



Here are some testimonials from some of our parents and carers:


” My child has been with you over two years now, and is is always still happy to come to nursery in the morning.This is test to the good work you are doing. ” 2015

”  I will like to say a big thank you to all the members of staff at the Nursery for looking after my son,I am very grateful and pleased with his development over the years and that is all down to the staff at the Nursery” 2016

”It is hard to express our gratitude for the fantastic care you have taken of our daughter over the last two years. She is excited to come to nursery every day, and it has been amazing to have the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that she is taken care of so well. You have cared,taught,supported and encouraged her and we have no doubt that your care is a big part of her turning out so wonderfully.” 2016

” Father’s Day and Mother’s Day at Nursery were really lovely events. It was well organised, the children had a lot of fun and staff were so polite,friendly and welcoming. Keep it up!” 2016


”I think  the Mother’s day event was very nice and we got to interact with our children and other mothers in our child’s learning environment. It was a nice opportunity to see how they play and what they get up to at pre -school . I really enjoyed the day and loved the pictures. ” 2016


” The website is very useful , i was able to find out all the necessary information about the nursery before i enrolled my son. ” 2016


” I am impressed with all the nutritious meals on offer and the choices of food are good. Glad that all the meals are freshly made.” 2016


” We noticed that the Nursery has good CCTV cameras all over the nursery and multiple automatically locked doors in order to gain access to the children areas. This gives a good level of reassurance about the safety and security of the children.”


” The staff are very friendly and qualified practitioners. At the end of each day they provide us with a summary of our son’s activity in the nursery. The staff are vigilant and ask for verification if  a strange face attempts access to the nursery (happened to my husband when he went to pick up my son when i was not well ). This gives a sense of security to the parents.  On a couple of occasions when i went to pick up my son, i noticed that the key person encourages,praises and congratulates him for his effort,focusing on his learning process rather than the end product,which makes me very pleased” . 2016


” The new pram area is very useful . ”2016